Sembang Bisnes is a live chat session featuring our solution partner and actual SME business that uses the solution.

We have various of well-known & successful entrepreneur who willing to share their secret & tips on how to be successful in their own industry/field.



SB1     SB2.0

SB1.0: Malaysia Makan Scene: What has changed?               SB2.0 Fashion forward: Raya MCO.Who is shopping?


sb3.0     SB4.0

SB3.0: Buatan Malaysia. Why choose lokal?                            SB4.0: What's the impact of the new norm?


sb5.0     sb6.0

SB5.0: What's the impact to wedding businesses?                   SB6.0: Celebpreneur:It's not all fame


SB7.0     SB8.0

SB7.0: Green business: How sustainable is it?                        SB8.0: How is it shaping the future generation?


sb9.0     SB10

SB9.0: Innovate to Accelerate                                                   SB10.0: Is email marketing still effective in 2021?


There's also specific Sembang Bisnes which we focus on specific states.


SBN9     SBNegeriKedah

SBNegeri9: Cabaran & Teknik berniaga di musim PKP3.0         SBKedah: Inovasi dlm sektor pemakanan. Bagaimana & Bila?

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