Gold Standard in Artisanal Burgers
25 Mar 2021
3 Min Read

Necessity is the mother of invention, in the case of these burger aficionados, the necessity was perpetuated by the environment and market demand, namely the movement control order (MCO) as a result of an unprecedented global pandemic that affected everyone in Malaysia.

Established in 2012, myBurgerLab started life in a modest shop lot in Sea Park, Petaling Jaya, but has since expanded into six outlets across the Klang Valley. In addition to the various outlets myBurgerLab had strategic partnerships with key fulfilment partners, tie ups with other food partners such as krispy crème and Strangers at 47 to name a few. Their digital presences include truly engaging social media, website and an intuitive reward app which make this more than just a burger joint, but more of a social collective.  

According to Co-Founder Chin Ren Yi some of the major challenges faced during the MCO, included keeping up with the increase in demand via our delivery partners as well as retrofitting out the legacy website into an ordering platform, where customers could swing by to pick up their food 30 minutes after placing orders online. The additional sales meant extra effort on the part of the kitchen team, which had been split into two to work alternate days as a precautionary measure to ensure staff safety and business continuity.


“We also introduced a breakeven-only policy with the aim of selling only enough burgers to meet overhead costs, which we communicated to our customers via an explanatory post on its Facebook page”.


Fundamentally, the approach they have taken in managing consumer expectations has always to be always one step ahead of potential issues by proactively engaging their customers.  The brand prides itself on its consistent frankness in sharing its experiences on social media had won over customers and is also amplified through their actions. In addition to this transparency, myBurgerLab also leveraged on the creatively of its team to come up with engaging and trending content to take people mind of the doom and gloom than surrounded us.


  Photo: myBurgerLab (Facebook)


“During the MCO, 90% of our sales were via delivery, with the shift to RMCO that figure has even out to 50%  for dine in and delivery respectively.  We are thankful that we could ride the storm and have come out okay. In that vein the only reason we could traverse the challenges was the fact that we were flexible in our business approach coupled with a strong team and very supportive partners. The moral is always to take care of your team and maintain partnerships that are based in trust and mutual respect. This is the optimum mix to mitigate any challenge”


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