Pizza on the Go
25 Mar 2021
3 Min Read

Pizza On Fire is a purveyor of authentic thin-crust Italian pizza, freshly prepared & hand-stretched daily to preserve its quality. They are known for a variety of bizarre to usual toppings to choose from, a pizza experience like no other.

This Italian delight is spearheaded by none other than rapper entrepreneur,  Syed Ahmad bin Syed Abdul Rahman Alhadad aka Altimet and  his stalwarts Izmir Abdul Hamid, Faisal Hamzah and Muhamad Alfie, who wanted to show that local pizzas can have quality comparable to the best known brands in the market at reasonable prices. Pizza On Fire currently has outlets in, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (Kuala Lumpur). Publika (Kuala Lumpur), Damansara Perdana (Selangor), Pantai Chenang (Langkawi), South Key (Johor Bahru), Kota Damansara (Selangor) and more in the pipeline. 

Photo: Pizza On Fire  (Facebook)


“According to Altimet,  our business model is mainly focused on take away Pizza when we started, which we than expanded into delivery as well, once there were more choices of fulfilment partners. During the MCO period, our main goal was to ensure than we could keep our people employed, so we needed to ensure there was sufficient revenue and work for our staff and at the same time maintain safety” 

Fortunately during the MCO and RMCO we had a consistent flow of Pizza delivery orders, which we are thankful for than allowed us to keep our staff all employed” 


Pizza on Fire adopted a similar stance as many socially responsible F&B practitioners   by engaging the public on social media and supporting the frontlines where possible. One of the initiatives than resonated well with the public was the initiative to donate a free pizza to frontlines every pizza ordered. Programmes such as this were not geared at making money but were their way of giving back to the people than matter, which indirectly ensured than the staff and raw material of Pizza on Fire were fully utilised. 

Photo: Pizza On Fire (Instagram)

“You need to be creative in these challenging times and do the right thing, this way good things will come to you. Communicate, reassure and most importantly be patient in times of adversity.  Fortunately, our business is based on take away and delivery so the impact was mainly sourcing and availability of raw materials. We were fortunate than our partners had sufficient reserve to support us, but in future we would be more prepared and ensure than we have not only sufficient reserve in place to mitigate any potential challenges than we get faced with” 


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