How Oxwhite uses Swingvy to manage team and scale up quickly
24 Sep 2021
3 Min Read

Small but mighty - Building a power team

Oxwhite is a luxury lifestyle brand specialising in quality essentials tailored for Asians. The company started with one person working from a cafe for six months and grew to a strong team of 20 people today.

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I think of myself as a leader that inspires my team members to grow every single day and none of my team members came in with the right skill set at the very beginning. They all came in with the same purpose and that is ‘Here to learn’ which makes the Oxwhite team culture today,’ said Chang. 




Chang proudly shared that one of his earlier employees who started working at a cafe handling customer service has grown to be Oxwhite’s Marketing Lead spearheading all branding activities after joining the company for one and a half years. Oxwhite team has a good mix of the young and the old but 90% of employees are less than 25 years old. “We have someone who joined us after retirement, she’s about 65 years old. The senior members focus on our corporate sales, in customers returns and fulfilment department,” he added.

Handing off HR to focus on the business


Oxwhite prides itself on being a technology-driven company. Much of that innovation is the result of using digital tools to collaborate better and faster in his small team of 20 employees. Chang and his team spend most of their time in marketing, sales, customer success and distribution. He realised that payroll and HR were areas he’d much rather have someone else manage so his team can focus on the business.

I don’t have a full time accountant so I handle my company’s finances managing millions of turnover a year. The last thing I wanted to do is wear a HR hat,” said Chang.


So Chang hired a part-time staff to take care of HR matters for his company and that’s when his staff introduces Swingvy to him.

Swingvy fits in well because the interface is great and very easy to use. My part-time staff has no issue when managing our payroll and employees leave online via the Swingvy HR platform. And, my team can easily apply for leaves through the mobile app,” said Chang. 


With Swingvy, Oxwhite team is able to focus on what matters, confident that the back-office HR functions are being taken care of. He also loves knowing that an expert support team has his back 24/7. Ultimately, choosing Swingvy also saved his company money and time so he can focus on scaling up his business. Chang said he knew the company would get a better setup through Swingvy than they would have independently.



-Credit this awesome article to Swingvy-


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