Raise Shariah-Compliant Business P2P Financing or Become an Impact Investor

P2P Financing is an alternative financing tool that allows Issuers (borrowers) to obtain financing from Investors (lenders) without having to go through a financial institution. Therefore, it is both an alternative financing and an alternative investment tool at the same time. A proudly Malaysian fintech platform, microLEAP focuses on the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise sector (MSME), and we are the first P2P operator in Malaysia that offers both Shariah-Compliant and Conventional financing on the same platform. We provide Issuers (borrowers) access to Shariah-Compliant financing from as little as RM1,000 to RM500,000 from 1 month to 36 months. From as little as RM50, you may Invest (lend) into small businesses to help them grow!

  • microLEAP: For micro-financing up to RM50,000: exclusive 7% one-off Issuer Fee!
  • microLEAP+: For larger financing up to RM500,000 - exclusive rebate on 1st month's payment
  • Exclusive offer of RM12 microLEAP Credits to Invest + Enjoy monthly returns of up to 18% p.a.
What’s included?
Features that help increase your business’ productivity
Why become an Issuer (borrower)?
1. Free Personal Accident Insurance up to RM50,000 2. Free Basic debt management and accounting training provided 3. Shariah-Compliant Financing 4. Raise Funds from RM1,000 to RM500,000
Why become a P2P Investor (lender)?
1. Invest from as little as RM50 2. Invest in both Shariah-Compliant Investment Notes. 3. Enjoy monthly returns of up to 18% p.a. 4. Issuers covered by PA Insurance. 5. All Notes have a Guarantor.
uBC member perks!

Enjoy 7% one-off fee instead of 8% for micro-financing up to RM50,000 under the microLEAP package

Enjoy RM50 to RM100 rebate on first month's installment for larger ticket financing up to RM500,000 under the microLEAP+ package

Exclusive offer of RM12 microLEAP Credits to invest
How it works
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Step 2
Sign-up on our website
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Step 3
Claim your uBC privilege
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microLEAP - Raise Shariah-Compliant Business P2P Financing or Become an Impact Investor
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