Unify Your Online Business Platforms in One​

Digital Marketing


.BIZ.MY domain name to distinguish your brand

Choose up to 5 links at a time and change them whenever, wherever

Intuitive dashboard ​

Protect your digital identity​

Customers never have to remember your phone number

What’s included?

Unique Domain Name​

Gain an instant identifier for your business with a BIZ.MY domain name​

Flexible Linkage

Link your business to 5 links at a time and change them whenever, wherever

Easy-To-Use Dashboard

Add, edit, or remove your links with ultimate convenience

Free Webinar Privileges

Learn the importance of digitalisation in today's climate

Dedicated Customer Support

Experiencing any problem? Let our 24/7 technical team assist you

Just 3 steps to get started!


Find a domain

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Apply your promo code

Choose your package and key in your uBC promo code

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Fill in your details

Use the activation code sent to your email and you're all set!

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