Digital Halal Assurance System, VH SMART™️

Serunai Commerce develops a comprehensive digital halal ecosystem to enhance the global halal marketplace’s connectivity and transparency.

  • Manage Halal Applications
  • Manage Raw Materials/Ingredients
  • Manage and Maintain Halal Implementation
  • References
What’s included?
Features that help increase your business’ productivity
Increase consumers' reliability and confidence
on products and services with systematic Halal certification system in accordance with Shariah Law
Minimise Halal Risk
and reduce the fallout in the worst-case scenario and eventually initiate a corrective action
Stay competitive with constant changes
of suppliers, ingredients or even labels without costing your Halal accreditation
You be the expert
by maintaining your accreditation professionally with our packages to suit your internal Halal Committee (IHC) needs
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Enjoy Special Rate for uBC of VH SMART™️ Advanced at RM1,600 (Exclusive for uBC member)

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How it works
Just 3 steps to get started!
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Learn more about VH SMART™️
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Step 2
Register to VH SMART™️
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Step 3
Claim your uBC privilege
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Serunai Commerce - Digital Halal Assurance System, VH SMART™️
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