Cut the Middleman When Seeking a Loan

Financial Assistance


Offers both Shariah-compliant and Conventional financing

P2P financing that connects borrowers and lenders

Free basic debt management and accounting training

Start investing from as low as RM50

Get loans of up to RM500,000

RM12 microLEAP credits to invest with monthly returns of up to 18% p.a.

What’s included?

Ultimate Time Saver

P2P financing eradicates the need for a financial institution to get involved

Dual Purpose Tool

It's both an alternative financing and investment tool at the same time

First Of Its Kind

microLEAP is the first P2P operator offering Conventional and Islamic options

Incredible Borrower Perks

Enjoy FREE Personal Accident Insurance, basic debt management and more

Unbeatable Investment Returns

With investments as low as RM50, get monthly returns of up to 18% p.a!

Just 3 steps to get started!


Enter the uBC portal

Login or register for an account here


Register your interest

Update your profile and click claim now for your desired solution


Get started

Choose between becoming an Investor or a Borrower and get going!

UBC member perks!

Enjoy 1% reduction in your one-off fee for micro-financing of up to RM50,000 

Up to RM100 rebate on the first month's instalment for financing up to RM500,000 

Extra 20% extra microLEAP credits upon signing up

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microLEAP - Raise Shariah-Compliant Business P2P Financing or Become an Impact Investor