Unify all your business online platforms into a single BIZ.MY address

Using our revolutionary GO2 Brand, you can link your BIZ.MY address to any of your social media platforms, messaging apps, maps and marketplace sites, with up to 5 links allowed at a time! Claim your BIZ.MY address - Totally FREE for the first year.

  • Advertise your business easily
  • Strengthen your digital branding
  • Customers never have to remember your phone number
  • Protects your digital identity
What’s included?
Features that help increase your business’ productivity
.BIZ.MY Domain Name
BIZ.MY provides an instant identifier of your business.
Change your links - whenever, wherever
With 5 possible links at a time, you can choose to link your BIZ.MY to 10 apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, Waze, Google Maps, TikTok, Lazada, Shopee and many more (eg. message.yourbrand.biz.my / facebook.yourbrand.biz.my)
Easy-to-use dashboard
With our intuitive dashboard, you can easily add, edit or remove your links.
Exclusive & Free webinar
Join our webinar series to learn the importance of digitalizing your business in digital economy era.
Dedicated customer support
Problems? Let our 24/7 customer support assist you.
uBC member perks!

Get a FREE BIZ.MY domain name for the first year.
How it works
Just 3 steps to get started!
Step 1
Visit our official website
Visit prime.mynic.my then
insert .BIZ.MY address of your choice and check if it is still available.
Step 2
Insert coupon code
Insert the mynic coupon code that you received from your registered unifi email.
Step 3
Fill in your details and done!
You will receive activation email upon approval.

** Cannot find the email from uBC with your redemption promo code? Fret not! Just click here to tell us more about your business and we will send you a new email.
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Mynic - Unify all your business online platforms into a single BIZ.MY address
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