Full featured Point of Sales

Stop paying monthly for POS solutions and save up to RM1,500 annually! With SurePay POS™ you are able to enjoy the following:

  • Cloud based system
  • Real time analytics
  • Inventory & transactions
  • Employee management
  • Offline data management
  • FREE automatic updates
What’s included?
Features that help increase your business’ productivity
KryptoPOS Hub
An aggregated space to manage people, products, finances, and everything else in between.
Cloud-based back office
Login through any web-enabled device and access all your information and data securely.
Actionable analytics
Track your sales, products, inventories, shifts and refunds easily – all at a glance.
Orders & table management
Now your customers can split bills without hassle, and you can hold orders without stress.
Spoilt for (payment) choice
We support all major payment methods, including e-wallets! Ultimate flexibility: Control, access and synchronise across all your outlets to streamline operations.
Real-time updates
Your KryptoPOS is available to you anytime, anywhere, whenever you need it.
Mobile friendly
Our Hub is optimised for the user’s ultimate convenience.
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Input the promo code
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Step 3
Start enjoying the uBC solution!
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KryptoPOS - Full featured Point of Sales
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