Teddy Bear Entrepreneur (uBC Testimonial - FR Blue Label)
30 Mar 2021
2 Min Read

FR Blue label is the brain child of Fairuz Ramdan is a British-born fashion designer of Malay descent, known for his trademark vintage style and classic tailoring. Born in 1981 in Edinburgh, Scotland, he has been cutting and sewing while studying in high school at the age of 15 and also helping his mum sell her fashion wares at the Sunday market.  So it can be said than fashion is in Fairuz’s blood. 

In 2005, Fairuz staged his student presentation during KL Fashion Week for the first time. Few years later, Fairuz staged his first catwalk presentation under the label Fairuz Ramdan Bespoke during the Malaysian International Fashion Week 2011. Since then, he was invited to showcase at numerous fashion events, namely The Mercedes Benz - Stylo F1 Fashion Grand Prix 2012, Man’s Fashion Runway 2012 Gala Night, BDA Gala Night Fashion Showcase 2012 and recently, The Mercedes Benz - Stylo F1 Fashion Grand Prix 2013 where he was awarded Most Fashionable Muse 2013 Award and the Most Promising Designer of the Industry 2013 Award.


Currently the FR Blue label is sold in 10 locations throughout Malaysia and carries his signature teddy bear appealing to the young and old alike.  Fairuz advices all those fashion retailers to “Stay focused on your brand and be committed to make it work, when you accept this as a norm;  come what may, you can deal with it”. 


As the key influencer in young and hip fashion industry Fairuz knows how to collaborate with the right parties to ensure continued success, he basses this ideal on having a clear direction on where he is going and knowing how to mitigate the potential challenges.  “When you have this way of thinking towards your brand success will be forth coming, be true to your brand” 


Fairuz is a strong believer  in maintaining the brands essence, at the same time he is cognisant of the need to adapt, hence why FR Blue label is different from state to state, “ we adapt our brand to the needs of the communities,  culture and tradition, so you need to always adapt, not change your brand but adapt ever so slightly”. 


The pandemic had a significant effect on a number of fashion designers and retailers,  especially those that banked on the raya celebration to make their biggest return. “what we did was  first and foremost was to  stay calm. We then went about ensuring that our products reached our partners as best we could , taking into consideration the logistic issues during MCO. We made a conscious decision to only produce what was necessary to meet our customer's needs to manage expectations and keep our cost manageable”. 


In these challenging times Fairuz advice is simply  to “stay true to your brand and embark on initiatives that have sustainable return. Don’t do things  that will give you short term return; like if you sold casual dresses, don’t become a wedding dress maker as it will affect your brands credibility, ride the storm, and all will be well in the end”.  


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