A season player in in multi- label store space (uBC Testimonial - Modvier)
30 Mar 2021
2 Min Read

Modvier is a multi- label store, consisting of 70 brands under one roof, offering a wide range of products such as clothing, bags, accessories, makeup, skincare and shoes. Currently they have their retail operations on an online platform catering for both its domestic and international business. 

According to its founder Siti Sarah Binti Shah Nor, commonly known as Sarah Shah Nor, Modvier is not only a platform for brands to sell their products but also to leverage on Modvier branding and marketing expertise. This is how they have nurtured so many brands like Kree, Ilham Echenta, Bella Ammara, Naelofar by Naelofa, and Tudung Ruffle. These brands and many others grew bigger and more stable after being under the Modvier wing. 


Modvier has remained true to its principles to provide the best services for brands even in these trying times. According to Sarah Shah Nor the main advice as a business owner is to be true to your brands and do what needs to be done to stay true to them, “ You kena buang ego  and make the hard choices, people and your staff will understand in the long run” These are sage words for someone so young, yet pragmatic who has seen her share of hardship and challenges in expanding her business.  


The other sage piece of advice is to take advantage in adversity, use this opportunity of the pandemic to to reflect on your business, review your business practises, your accounts and your marketing, anything and everything you were unable to do when you have a line of customer's knocking at your till!


Modvier has taken a stance to continue to support the brands under its wing by giving key feedback and suggestions from interaction with the customer's. “ We advised some brands to look into lounge wear during the MCO as people were basically staying at home and needed comfortable and stylish clothes to feel good and look good” In addition Sarah Shah Nor highlighted they have learned much during this period and post pandemic they  will continue their current business model, which empowers all their  partners by adding value to the customers brand with the added focus of sharing some of the lessons learnt. 


“My advice to everyone once again is buang ego, have faith and be true to your customer's, that way you will bounce back for sure”.


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