Target Customers on Every Kind of Media

Digital Marketing


Access to consumer analytics that span across 10 verticals

Social media audience connects across TikTok, Facebook and Instagram

Track conversion performance against industry benchmarks​

Smart Narrative function which guides the user throughout the platform

Multi-dimensional data workspace​

What’s included?

Audience Targeting Analytics​

Gain access to ASEAN consumers insights that include behaviours, lifestyles, preferences and values across 10 verticals.

Social Media Connections

Reach out to customers where they spend most of their time – on TikTok, Facebook or Instagram.

Industry Benchmark Standards

Customer 5A Journey and Advocacy Index benchmarks ensure your conversion performance is up to par.

Guided Assistance

Our Smart Narrative function teaches you how to read and interpret the data.​

REV Media Ads Manager​

Our proactive algorithm automatically reroutes your content across Media Prima platforms.

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