Giving you a stepping stone to reach the top of your game
Our focus is effectively simple: we want to serve the rapidly emerging SME business segment while gaining a deeper insight on it. In this increasingly fast-paced world, let us enable your business to reach its unbounded potential.
What we do best
Amplified presence
Expand your reach with digital marketing to garner a larger customer base.
Optimised productivity
Boost efficiency and output in one swift move by streamlining your operations.
Financial support
Scale up your business rapidly with loan approvals as quick as 48 hours within applying.
Priority assistance
Our dedicated support team is always on standby, addressing your issues within just 2 hours.
Expert consultancy
Experienced partners and reputed businesses enable you to learn from the very best.
SME Sama-Sama
Absorb a wealth of knowledge to bring your business one step closer to being future-ready.
Supporting over 300,000 businesses across industries and sizes
uBC is more than just a space for SMEs to interact and use solutions: it is a facilitator to the next stage of your business journey. A comprehensive set of tools that actuate your possibilities.
Why choose uBC?
No one-size-fits-all solutions
We offer practical offerings that are tailored to fit your business’ needs with no hassle in implementation.
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Large network of connections
Serving over 300,000 businesses of all industries and sizes, we are the nation’s largest community of SMEs.
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Bold expertise leading the way
We are supported by the TM Group: Malaysia’s first and foremost telecommunications giant with a host of experience.
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