SB2022 - E-Commerce : Less Cost or More Profit?

10 Feb 2022   |   03:00 PM - 05:00 PM


Sembang Bisnes

Sembang Bisnes is a live chat session featuring among the successful entrepreneur.


Do e-commerce platforms really bring in more profit for less cost? Tune in to Sembang Bisnes 2022 and find out:

  • Getting the most out of digital platforms

  • Attracting niche customers for your business

  • Choosing the right digital partner to overcome e-commerce challenges


Hosted by Zooey Teo, hear from our selected panelist regarding topic: E-commerce : Less Cost or More Profit where they talk about which one is more important in business industries?

  1. Han Mac - Chief Executive Officer of Prime Commerce

  2. Alice - Co-founder of Mamalee

  3. Azhari Zein Mamoola - Co-founder & Public Relations Manager of Bungkusit

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