#Unibizity Podcast Series

Tips & Tricks

25 Aug 2023 • 2 min read

Are you a seasoned business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur? Discover what it truly takes to run your business in a fast-paced, digital-driven world. Tune in to this unmissable podcast series, brought to you by Unifi Business.


Ready to unlock the business secrets of our local entrepreneurs? Want to find out all the ins and outs of their journey, as well as insightful stories, tips and advice?

Join us at #Unibizity, the podcast that unlocks the secrets to owning a business!

Tap on the links below to watch the full episodes:



Learn how Jane Chuck and Bryan Low navigate their journey and go from strength to strength to become Malaysia’s top entrepreneurs!



Discover real business secrets, tips and tricks with myBurgerLab co-founder Ren Yi and owner of beauty brand HYGR, Ivor Xian Z.



Pinn Yang from Good Foodie Media, and Caressa, a Unifi Business representative, share their experiences in growing a successful business through creative digital solutions


Anne Idris daripada My Mum’s Bakery dan Abang Sahar daripada Laziz Patin berkongsi pelbagai rahsia kejayaan perniagaan mereka.


More episodes are coming soon on Unifi YouTube. Stay tuned!