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Network of connections

Serving over 300,000 businesses of all industries and sizes, we are the nation’s largest community of SMEs. Leverage on that.

Led by bold experience

We are supported by the TM Group: Malaysia’s first and foremost telecommunications giant with a host of expertise.

Amongst great company

Our partners hail across different backgrounds: from customer centric expertise to product-focused professionals.

Jalinan semakin berkembang dan semakin kukuh


eDesa is an e-commerce platform which serves more than 2,000 local entrepreneurs, enabling them to market their products nationwide.


Since 2014, Dattel has changed the way consumer data is optimised across South East Asia with their advanced in-house technologies.


Till date, Swingvy is helping 90,000 growing companies and counting to streamline their HR. 


The first-of-its-kind, this partner offers a one-stop business application portal for micro and small businesses.


As of now, Lalamove operates in 24 markets across several continents, connecting over 7 million users.


Established only on 2018, KyrptoPOS has permeated the banking, telco and larger enterprise sectors.


This partners offer a host of features; from bank integration and accounting information, to e-invoicing and more.


Offers over 10,000 emails per year to catch the attention of potential customers to retain it too!


Today, they've made around 18 million quotations for deliveries worldwide, resulting in a total savings of RM112 million.



Today, they’ve made around 18 million quotations for deliveries worldwide, resulting in a total savings of RM112 million.


The novel company, till date, has received just under 14 million orders across different industries and facets of life.

AirAsia Academy

Currently, the brand earns 51% of the market share in its home market, spreading their popularity far and wide.

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Kami sentiasa membuka peluang untuk meningkatkan lagi SME rakyat Malaysia.

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