Possible Use Cases for AI in Helping Small Businesses


26 May 2023 • Bacaan 3 minit

Artificial intelligence or AI is everywhere these days — and it’s not going away anytime soon! As new technology always opens new ways forward, it would be worth your while to examine how micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) could potentially harness AI to optimise business processes.


AI is the simulated intelligence of humans achieved in the form of machines or computer systems. Even though it comes with a history of inspiring dystopian stories of computers ruling over humans, the reality is that it is far from being a direct threat to our safety. On the contrary, AI is a current technological marvel that holds huge potential to help us in our daily lives.


Its machine-based capabilities of learning, reasoning, correction, and even creativity can lend themselves to various applications in organising large chunks of data and synthesising actionable steps. Which is why it’s no surprise that many businesses are already using AI in their operations. Let’s look at how and in what ways AI can help MSMEs.



Content creation 


Among the more ground-breaking aspects of AI capabilities is its use in creating content. From something as simple as a text prompt, you can get full-blown ideas written onto a page, which you can then tweak and form as a fully fleshed content piece. That’s what is happening with the likes of ChatGPT, where fully written pieces materialise out of short inputs from users. 


On the visual side of things, you have platforms like the Deep Dream Generator which can churn out fantastical images for you. Even if you don’t take these generated pieces wholesale, these AI platforms can be a great starting point for you to draw inspiration for your business’s next content output.