5 Tips to Create Consistent Content for Your Business

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20 Jan 2023 • 3 min read

When the idea bank runs dry, find better footing by following these valuable pointers. 


Most customer journeys do not start with making a purchase. Consumers begin by gathering details on a product or service to learn about its general problems or obstacles. In addition to looking for reliable and accurate information provided by brands, people are simply searching for content to consume. 


It is no wonder that content marketing is vital to the growth of a business. Foregoing content marketing would lead to losing out on at least 30% higher growth rate and an average of 7% customer retention rate.


There is no denying that there are risks involved when investing time and effort into content marketing. A lot is at stake if your content is inconsistent as it may compromise your brand’s reputation, user loyalty and even trust in your brand. 


Getting the consistency right will reap big rewards but failure to do so may harm your brand. Check out these useful tips for consistent content creation! 


5 Tips to Create Consistent Content for Your Business


1. Set content goals  


There is no point in going through the pains of crafting content and painstakingly scheduling calendars when there are no goals to achieve. Direction is more important than speed. Many brands understand the importance of consistent and quality content but do not take the effort to understand how it could work for them. 


Content goals are ideally based on marketing goals which are also derived from company goals. One method to model after is the SMART objective which provides structure and tangible evaluation metrics for you or your team to focus your efforts and achieve success. Setting goals to ensure that the team moves in the same direction will ensure that content remains consistent throughout all seasons.  


5 Tips to Create Consistent Content for Your Business


2. Document your strategy  


Brand success depends heavily on having a documented strategy. Unbelievably, although most B2C and B2B brands claim to have a marketing process in place, most do not go as far as to document them. They simply rely on picking up current trends and crafting content based on personal preferences. 


According to State of Content Marketing 2022 Global Report, documenting content strategy was a key tactic for 78% of businesses in ensuring successful content marketing. Through the recording of formal processes, there exists greater clarity and transparency to the strengths and weaknesses of the current plan. 


Whether it is allocation of budget or identifying a tactic that works, breaking your goals into actionable steps all while recording them formally could not only improve the quality of the content but also ensure its consistency. 


5 Tips to Create Consistent Content for Your Business


3. Deep dive into a series 


Although it is good to cover trends and multiple topics, content creators may be overwhelmed by the constant stream of varied content they would have to produce to retain interest. A strategic move is to utilise a series or miniseries format. 


Rather than scraping the surface and risk over-generalising, which leads to compromising on quality, it is better to develop user interest as it provides them with consistent expectations. Not only is a series highly digestible due to its being bite-sized content fed in intervals, but it also allows for better search engine optimisation (SEO) which helps your content appear on more searches. Satiate viewer curiosity and build on existing interests to have better results in customer retention and develop audience loyalty.  


5 Tips to Create Consistent Content for Your Business


4. Repurpose content 


There are diverse ways to repurpose content. Whether it is to leverage existing information that has piqued much interest or transforming one post into content across platforms, repurposing content provides more mileage for your content, increasing its longevity and giving you information on what content works best with your users. 


For example, this article can be repurposed into a more visual-heavy social media post on Instagram and even be repurposed as a Twitter thread that provides one point per tweet. The engagement rates can then be tracked across platforms. 


Rather than alienating part of your audience by sticking to a specific format, reach a greater audience while providing the same quality throughout by repackaging your content according to the users’ content demand in each platform.  


5 Tips to Create Consistent Content for Your Business


5. Develop guidelines  


There is little to no value if your content is creative but your language is weak or wrong altogether. Moreover, having great copy but messy design might have your users second-guessing their trust in you.  


Whatever it is, there needs to be a reference point for the content team and even for contributing stakeholders outside of the content team such as senior management and guest contributors. Having protocol serves as a checklist and benchmark that will produce content that expresses your brand identity in such a way that avoids causing confusion to loyal users.  


Moving forward, ‘consistency’ is a watchword for brands and businesses alike. Although consistency takes on different forms and manners, the voice and tone of your content or messaging will be what sets you apart from competitors, contributing to the building and maintaining of your business personality and presence.  


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