Keep a Clear Head and Stay Ahead: Tips for Dealing with Stress

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27 Feb 2023 • 3 min read

The struggle can be all too real when faced with difficulties in running your own business. However, it’s important to take stressors in stride and embolden yourself in the process. These pointers will help you keep priorities in check and cope with feelings of burnout.​


Stress is unfortunately an inescapable part of daily life, no matter which direction you take in your career, relationships, or even hobbies. Even if you don’t currently have any major stressors, you will most likely experience micro-stress in all that you do. 


While having the word ‘micro’ in front of it might make it seem like it’s a stress you don’t have to worry about, the reality is that it’s a negative element regardless of its relative smallness.  


With enough stress piling on your thoughts, it can eventually lead to more severe consequences like burnout. It might cause low self-esteem and loss of motivation, as well as various worrying mental health conditions. 


With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few tips you can keep close when you’re up against stress while managing your business. 


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1. Take a break and realign your focus 


Oftentimes, stress can be a result of continuous periods of strenuous activity. Sure, you can get more done with the added time you dedicate to checking off each of your tasks, but the extended period of work can lead to little stresses snowballing to a climax of frustration. 


That’s why it’s important to remember to occasionally take yourself out of focus mode and take a breather in between long bouts of work. This is especially crucial if your work involves the use of devices, as you’d also want to avoid straining your eyesight from long sessions of screen time. 


By giving yourself a break, you’ll also have some time to regroup, take stock of what you’ve accomplished, and adjust your focus for the next item on your agenda. 



2. Give your thinking muscle some rest while working your actual muscles 


Mental wellness is as much a part of your overall health. Taking care of your mental well-being can help contribute to your physical health. 


Likewise, taking control of your physical wellness will serve to help you feel better and have a clearer mind too. In addition to giving your brain — or rather your thinking muscle — the daily workout, you can also take up physical activities like exercise or sports during your free time. 


The added exertion will help your body get a better gauge of when it needs rest, while your sleep will be fuller as the fatigue puts you into a deeper state of slumber. You’ll be feeling refreshed afterwards, and ready to tackle another day of bustling productivity! 


3. Balance profession with a pastime 


Balance is key when it comes to pursuing your goals and aspirations. For every moment you spend on working towards your business targets, give yourself a chance to enjoy yourself with quality leisure time. 


It’s essential to have activities outside of the daily grind that you can revisit every so often, to fill your day with equal amounts of passion and profession. 


Whether it’s a pet project, a hobby that speaks to your inner child, or an activity you share with your closest friends, that little nook of your day you spend on your pastime will have you rejuvenated and eager to go into high gear.  


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• 28 Feb 2023


saya fikir saya boleh memohon secara dalam talian hanya dengan menggunakan ini


• 28 Feb 2023


saya fikir saya boleh memohon secara dalam talian hanya dengan menggunakan ini