[INFOGRAPHIC] Keep Going When You Keep the Cash Flowing

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29 Mar 2023 • 2 min read

Cash flow can make or break your business, as a lot of the decisions you make will depend on how much cash resources are available to you. Stay on top of your cash flow with these pointers in mind.


A good way to measure your company’s health is by gauging your cash flow, or how much money you are making compared to how much you spend on the commitments you have going on for your business. 


Having a negative cash flow means that you’re spending more than you can recoup, which can severely impact the fluidity of your operations. 


Pro tip: Simplify your accounting with Financio and ease your way through bookkeeping excellence using the cloud-based app’s automated functions.  


To keep your enterprise running and avoid future financial difficulties, here are a few tips to remember.


UBC_Keep Going When You keep The Cash Flowing


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