Removing the Noise From Your Shopping Experience

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29 Jul 2022 • Bacaan 3 minit

Vettons is providing a smarter shopping experience that only sells original products from the brands you love and with better features that are tailor-made for users. It is a marketplace for a new generation of smarter shoppers.

According to Derek Ng Kien Fai, Head of Marketplace Vettons realises that the SME sector is the feeder or backbone of any thriving economy, in line with these aspirations they have created a platform that combines brick-and-mortar stores with an online presence. Vettons acts as an aggregator of key products from multiple vetted SME sellers depending on the basis of fulfillment i.e. by delivery time and geographical location.  


“What we have observed is that user behaviour has changed a lot. Pre-pandemic, the stance for Malaysians was predominately brick and mortar shopping with a healthy dose of impulse buying, during the pandemic the initial surge we saw on most online platforms were essential items, which transitioned to shopping for goods previously purchased from brick and mortar stores. Malaysian Consumers have become more comfortable with online shopping now not out of choice but a necessity”.

shopping experience
Photo: Vettons (Instagram)


“Embrace the new norm and increase your traffic flow by either pivoting your business models and embracing the digital world or pivot towards a platform like Vettons which will help you leapfrog into the digital space at a minimal cost. Vettons as part of its desire to develop this market segment will also be looking at helping promising SMEs via its unicorn investment initiative”.  


Currently, Vettons will extend an exclusive 0% commission fee for a period of one (1) year for all uBC members that decide to join the Vetton network of merchants, a truly enticing proposition for SMEs that want to explore the realm of the digital marketplace at minimal risk.