Get People Talking, Keep Your Business Rocking! Tips to Create Word of Mouth

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15 Mar 2023 • 2 min read

Word-of-mouth marketing is an important yet often overlooked part of maintaining consistency in your business performance. Here are several pointers you can consider to encourage more conversations about your brand and entice more customers.​


As you try to gain more attention for your business among potential buyers, you may discover that marketing your brand is a multi-pronged effort. There is no one fixed solution for getting your name out there. 


While the quality of your product or service will surely speak for itself, it’s always good to have some help in spreading the positive word and reaching more people. This is where the benefit of word of mouth comes in, whereby features of your brand and offerings get mentioned in the conversations that people have with their friends, family, and colleagues. 


So, if you want to capitalise on this field of potential, it’s time to keep the chatter flowing with these buzzworthy methods. 


1. Share your uniqueness on social media 


Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube can be a quick solution to getting more consumers clued in to your business. 


When you have a set tone and familiarity with the messaging that your audience responds well to, you can then share engaging content that establishes your brand name as a regular presence and a possible pick for your followers’ next purchase. 


Referral program flat background gifts for the number of likes and subscribers through the referral system vector illustration  


2. Empower loyal customers to become advocates 


When you have a few loyal customers, you can look into leaning on them to support or endorse your brand when interacting with their friends and following. 


This can also be done as a referral programme. Provide rewards for your loyal customers who refer their familiars to purchase your offering.  


3. Show your track record through testimonials  



Each happy customer can bring two or more future customers, when you go the way of testimonials. 


For every completed transaction, consider pointing the buyer towards an online form or document where they can enter their feedback. 


This entry can then be put forth into your online content, website or social networks as a record of recommendations from satisfied buyers, which can be seen by all and potentially attract more people to engage with your business. 


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