Two Tricks That Could Generate More Sales

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01 Aug 2022 • 2 min read

It has long been said that there are not really many “new ways” of conveying your products or services value proposition to the customer. All the buzz words and statements have been used up! 


The only difference is the value you bring to your product or service through your own unique experiences and explanation.


The Market-of-One


Yet, to capitalize on the unique value you create, consider using The Market-of-One Naming Strategy to further differentiate yourself. 


The Market-of-One Strategy™ takes an ordinary product, principle, service, or philosophy and uses it to instantly differentiate your offer – and makes it more valuable, unique, and important.


For example, say you produce a simple cheese cake. You decide to highlight a unique ingredient i.e. the biscoff/speculoos cookie or type of cream cheese. This has indirectly increased the perceived value of your product.  


Use The Market-of-One Strategy, and now you have “The Artisanal Biscoff Cheese Cake™”


…Making it unique, and most importantly, increasing the perceived value of the product.


The Market-of-One works for every business – no exceptions. So how did we do this? 


You see, whether you’re an accountant, lawyer, exterminator, metal fabricator, photographer, manufacturer, retailer, wedding planner, videographer, SaaS, Makcik Kiah buat kerepek, you have competition and you need to stand out. Follow these 4 easy steps:


  1. Begin with the word “The.” Using “The” makes it sound more important and singular (as in, it’s the only one).

  2. After the word “The,” use a keyword (or keywords) that best describe the benefit or process in that step, like “Artisanal”, “bespoke” or “Custom”.

  3. Follow it with a “trigger word.”, which describes your own unique offering add a little ™ at the end of the word. The use of the trademark (TM) symbol clearly highlights that one considers the overall statement a trademark of sorts.

  4. Nonetheless, if you are worried about protecting your name, ask your lawyer for more information just to be on the safe side.




Another cool marketing tool is “tripwire” marketing to reference a low-cost, introductory sales offer. Many business owners viewed this as a breakthrough in marketing. But the funny thing is it has been around for over a hundred years.


When someone requests a product or service, it is encouraged that they complete a questionnaire so we can provide the most value possible in meeting their needs.


By itself, a “questionnaire” doesn’t have much perceived value – so we rebranded the questionnaire to call it “Customer Needs Analysis”. With the new branding, it has higher perceived value. This also allows you to gather more information about your customer and engage them with products and services that are relevant to them, which will turn into a steady stream of sales. 


These two simple marketing tricks will help you stand out and potentially reap in more revenue for your business. What do have to lose?