Timeless Formula for Business Success

Tips & Tricks

16 Feb 2023 • Bacaan 3 minit

There’s no guarantee that managing your business will be entirely smooth sailing. Despite the challenges that ownership brings, there are things you can do to overcome the difficulties that come your way.


The ‘make-or-break’ odds of running a business can surely be a pain point for owners of small and newly started enterprises. Despite the adage that practice makes perfect, there will always be obstacles to throw your business savvy into question, and your sense of accomplishment along with it.


However, don’t let the uncertainty bring you down. Instead, keep these pointers in mind. Understand the hardship and accept it as part of the process, so that you can get back up and strive for another day.


1. Big opportunities come with small beginnings


The best kind of risk to take is a calculated one, and starting small is a good way to handle the risk factors in business. As a small company, you’ll want to be realistic with how much you can take on, especially if you start with limited resources and helping hands. Be sure to weigh the cost and benefit of each decision. Balance the potential losses with the promise and reward of each undertaking.


For example, investing in a logistics partner would affect your bottom line. But then, having a dedicated service to support your delivery would benefit you, as it allows you to shift your focus and energy to handling customers, creating marketing materials, and more.


Timeless Tips for Business Success


2. Stay above the slip-ups and carry on


Like it or not, making mistakes will be part of growing your business. Although planning and preparedness is crucial, what’s even more important is how you learn from those missteps and adapt accordingly.


When you see the alternatives and workarounds in instances of failure, you can always find the path to improve and make the most out of your experience for the future.


3. Observe and learn from your competitors


Competition is always a healthy thing for your business, as it incentivises you to do better, and improve your own capabilities in comparison.


More often than not, your best reference in identifying what you can enhance about your business is the other brands and companies offering the same product or service as yours.


With some research and observation, you can see what makes them stand out and excel. Put those insights into action to bolster your own performance.


4. Perfection is subjective at best and unrealistic at worst


When it comes to realising your ideal picture of what your business should be, you should always keep things in perspective. If you’re hard-set on perfection, then it might never be enough to achieve small victories.


Rather, you should keep an open mind and take things one at a time. Take pride in each milestone, like getting validation on your business outline, registering your business successfully, selling your first 50 units, or going a whole month without customer complaints.


This way, even if perfection is a constant process, you’ll always have a sense of completion in the steps that you take to get there.


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