[INFOGRAPHIC] Don’t Be Hasty with That Petty Cash

Tips & Tricks

17 Aug 2023 • 2 min read

Be sure to keep these pointers in mind so that you don’t squander the petty cash fund that you have for your business!


Even as businesses embrace cashless transactions, there’s still a time and place for the use of petty cash in your business. 


Petty cash usually refers to a small amount of funds that you have on hand. This little supply is readily accessible and can be put to use when you need to pay for minor expenditures that don’t really require a cheque or credit card. It does come in handy, as having some money available at any moment can give you some leeway in handling impromptu expenses that may arise. 


Here are a few things to remember when handling your business’s petty cash so that you don’t get caught without it! 


[INFOGRAPHIC] Don’t Be Hasty with That Petty Cash


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