The Importance of Short-Form Videos: What Your Brand Needs to Know

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30 May 2023 • Bacaan 4 minit

Short videos should now be a vital part of your brand’s content strategy. When executed correctly, your audience gets to consume information quickly without spending a huge time commitment.


It is undeniable that our attention span for content has shortened over the years. Due to modern advancements in social media, consumers today prefer video formats to any other type of content.  


Younger consumers especially would rather seek entertainment and obtain information through short-form videos. In recent years, there has been a boom in social media tools which enable users to easily produce short-form videos with specific functions that exclusively feature these snappy contents. 


Brands too are in the middle of pivoting and navigating through the sea of trends, transitions, and execution. While content such as dancing to heavily mixed songs may be seen to be trivial and disconnected compared to more traditional strategies, it is just part of an ever-changing trend in marketing, and in building brand and customer relationships. 


Rather than resist change and simply dismissing it, you can instead widen your perspective to adapt this format while putting your own little spin to it. 


Read on to learn how your business can benefit from short-form video features and how you can utilise them to grow your brand.  



Why short-form videos 


There are various understandings of the duration of the short-form video format. Google considers 10 minutes and under to be short-form videos. TikTok too has recently allowed for 10-minute video content when originally only up to three minutes was allowed. Other platforms like Instagram Reels only allow 60 seconds. 


Regardless of the duration, short-form videos require content creators to share information, convey messages and package content dynamically and in a condensed form, cutting out the frills and speaking quickly to squeeze as much as they can into the brief period.  


Short-form video platforms to look out for 


1. TikTok 


Currently the most popular platform and one of the platforms that kick-started the short-video format movement. From campaigns to daily updates or even just for laughs, brands are flocking to TikTok due to its high conversion rates. 


AdWeek states that TikTok generates the highest number of downloads for apps compared to other platforms. Furthermore, according to Shopify, 45% of brands place emphasis on TikTok for influencer marketing, and the average engagement rate for influencers with followers under 15,000 is 17.69%. Do not miss the chance to boost your brand influence and potentially convert casual viewers to loyal customers.